Traces of National Socialism

General Information for Listeners

Dear Listeners,

Our audio guide “On the Trail of National Socialism” takes you on a six-stop tour of Mainz’s Neustadt district. In it, you will learn more about the history of National Socialism and in particular the history of persecution of Jewish people in Mainz. Special attention is paid to the memoir of Gertrude Meyer-Jørgensen; her quotes and memories will accompany you on the tour.

  • Duration of the walk (listening time): 48 minutes
  • Length of the walk: 1.6 kilometers
  • General map with the different stations for orientation
  • Pictorial material for the respective stations
  • City guide with additional material can be downloaded here
  • Speaker: Zoë Shannon

Map Overview

Station 1: Greetings and Introduction

Station 2: Kaiserstraße 37 – The Former Home of the Salomon Family

Station 3: Kaiserstraße 31 – The Mainz Branch of the Secret State Police (Gestapo Headquarters)

Station 4: Adam-Karrillon-Straße 13 – Intensified Surveillance and Forced Quartering

Station 5: Synagogenplatz – The Destruction of the Mainzer Synagogue

Station 6: Hindenburgstraße 53 – Stumbling Stones for Remembrance

Station 7: The Goethe School – The Collection Point For Deportations

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